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"Little Bozu and Kon" Kon follows a shapeshifting raccoon and a misunderstood fox from different worlds. They find each other in a shared need for friendship, and from it come to accept their own differences. After a series of mistaken identities, Little Bozu and Kon Kon find solace in each other's shared uniqueness.

“The Little Bozu and Kon Kon” is drawn from Japanese folklore. The audience suspends disbelief and enters a magical world of mythical creatures and nature. The central characters are puppets designed by Mayu Iwasaki and crafted by Katrina Gaskell.


Little Bozu and Kon Kon were first created through the inaugural Penny Cook Creative Associate program at Monkey Baa Theatre Company under the mentorship of Artistic Director Eva Di Cesare.

Over two years, I developed Little Bozu through school workshops, writing sessions, and puppetry development. This culminated in the full presentation at the ARA Darling Quarter Theatre in 2023.

This program was co-produced with Monkey Baa Theatre Company through Creative Partnerships. The presentation to over 300 people received positive feedback including from the members of the Japan Foundation, Riverside Theatre Parramatta, Sydney Opera House and the consulate General of Japan.

I will continue to work with Monkey Baa to redevelop the production for the mainstage presentation.

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MAYU IWASAKI : Omusubi Productions

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